12-15 November, 2015


Interest in this Year’s Classic was at an all time high with the prospect of having up to 35 Boats Register for this Unique Fishing Experience.  At Registration the Total was 28 for varying reasons, with a sigh of relief for the Venues and the Mother Ships.

There has been so much written and circulated World Wide on this unique location that the Organising Committee has so much to contend with, when it comes to operating a Tournament so far offshore in this pristine untouched location. After trials with various categories, it was decided to give the “Insiders” a separate entity and 7 Boats happily agreed to it and they even had their own Calcutta and Prize list.

The 28 Teams consisted of 90 Anglers with 46 Crew looking after the Fishing Stations. This included 2 Lady Anglers and 2 Young Men Anglers. After a very interesting Briefing also represented by VMR 466 Hervey Bay Representatives, who gave an experienced and Informative talk on Radio requirements and procedures for leaving and returning to Port, it was time to leave for the area.

Rooneys Point was the gathering point for all Boats and location of Mother Ships and where the Refuelling Barge would make but one visit after Day2 Fishing.   After settling down in ideal condition after a great Meal and a few more handshakes, many were delighted to see Billfish and Tuna still chasing Baitfish in the glow of their Boats lights… but it was early to Bed for that early morning start for those crossing the bar and for the Insiders to get around their pattern.

Day 1:-Start Fishing for all produced early strikes, Hook ups and Tagged Fish and the Radio was rarely silent. First Day Scores were great and most stayed on 8kg Tackle to see where everything was located and how best to put it together.

Day 2:-Showed a very brisk Bite and this was very understandable in view of the Forecast for wind increasing  and a Strong Wind Warning for during late afternoon and storms in the area. There were those that looked at their Score and went for Heavy Tackle with varying Points for each Line Class.

Success for going Heavy Tackle paid off on the Blue and Striped Marlin, remembering that “Old Salty Dog” Tagged and Released what is considered to be a ‘Grander’ Blue Marlin the week before. By 10.00; 24 of the Teams had Scored!

After Fishing, all Boats decided to stay in the Shelter from the increasing winds at Rooneys Point and check out the conditions in the Morning. However the weather Deteriorated even more, long before daylight and some Boats were forced to re-anchor in the very early hours of Sunday Morning.

Day 3:-Showed abating weather conditions by daylight for the time being at least and after another great Breakfast, the last 5 hours of the Tournament unfolded with a division in Boats crossing the Bar and others staying inside. Those that continued with their own Strategies were rewarded and the Teams were extremely satisfied with their own performances.

Stop Fishing was called at 12.00 on Sunday and All Boats headed for Urangan Boat Harbour in sight of very unsavoury weather conditions ahead for their return. ‘Mistress’ attended a call from ‘Black Magic’ for assistance out in the Bay and both had about 70 meters of visibility during the approach to the Boat Harbour, by the time they got there. The Storm raged for some time with regular Lightning strikes to un-nerve anyone caught out in it and then they were home and the last of the paperwork was received to do the ultimate check on Tag Cards, Paperwork and Scores that Pauline does so well.

The Final Statistics are not that accurate because of the ‘pack attacks’ of small Black Marlin however the Numbers of Hook ups are a little more accurate and the number of Fish either Tagged and Released or Boated are accurate. Very Accurate from the Tagging and Boating.

Day 1:- 40 Black Marlin;  1 sailfish; 14 Dolphin Fish Tagged and 1 weighing  9.6kg on 8kg; 9 Mac Tuna;  2 Mackerel, narrow barred; 1 Tuna longtail;  1 Wahoo.

Day 2:- 33 Black Marlin;  9 Blue Marlin;  2 Striped marlin;  2 Sailfish;  26 Dolphin Fish; 2 Mac Tuna; 1 Cobia weighed.

Day 3:- 18 Black Marlin; 2 Dolphin Fish; 1 Cobia.

Tournament Totals:
365 Strikes, 275 Hook ups, 164 Fish – consisting of; 91 Black Marlin, 3 Sailfish, 9 Blue Marlin, 2 Striped Marlin, 43 Dolphin Fish, 11 Mac Tuna, 1 Tuna longtail, 1 wahoo, 2 Mackerel narrow barred, 1 Cobia.

The Committee put in a lot of research and deserve your sincere thanks for a well thought out programme in detail of Tournament Rules and Hospitality.

A very big thanks to Captain Lloyd and the Crew on Tasman Venture; fabulous Hosts and minders of the Teams and crew. Harveys on the Bay was a great venue with great Food and friendly service; SIMRAD through Hervey Bay Marine Electrical as the Anchor Sponsors and all supporting Sponsors deserve your continued Support!

Albert and Pauline Threadingham.