Hello Brad, this is my wrap up for the Game Fishing Classic over the weekend and we thank you for every courtesy extended to Pauline and I and we cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming Friendship extended to us.
We really enjoy the Hervey Bay Tournament and will continue to talk it up at every level and on as many occasions as presents itself.
Everyone in the Club welcomes Teams from near and far and this is a very solid base to build on when encouraging Teams to make the trek. While there were more larger Craft than rcent times, there is still room for smaller vessels crew on the Mothership as well.
We look forward to doing everything we can for the future and please advise us if there is other avenues you would like pursued.
To you Brad, Sandy, David and KJ – our thanks and from everyone else who all enjoyed the Tournament. The co-operation from all the Teams was really overwhelming and all promised to return.


18 Teams with 64 Anglers including 2 Lady Anglers and 2 Junior Young Man Anglers , set forth from the Hervey Bay Boat Marina on Thursday after a Great Briefing in HARVEYS Bar & Bistro, to the sheltered anchorage off Rooneys Point on Frazer Island where the Mother Ship TASMAN VENTURE laid anchor and set up as the Tournament Base for all Fishing operations  which  finished at 12 noon on Sunday after 2 1/2 days of excellent fishing in the pristine waters around the Great Sea Spit. Anglers came to the Ship for a cocktail or two as the sun slipped down over the Horizon and soon it was quiet as they rested for the first day of Fishing early next morning.
By the end of Day One, after 3 almost identical Radio Skeds, there were 22 Black Marlin on 8kg ,1 Blue Marlin on 37kg and 2 Sailfish on 8kg. Talk that night was of the many pulled hooks where the small Black Marlin did not get the hook in the right place to stay hooked. Those out after the Blue Marlin saw some that were not that interested in going for a workout. No late nights on the Mothership again and all were out early again as the Bar was practically cross-able at any point and all Boats fished “Outside ” on both Light and Heavy Tackle.
Day Two :
Fishing was slow in the morning but picked up with the Tide by lunch and another very respectable score was achieved by stop fishing at 1600. 21 Black Marlin on 8kg, 3 Blue Marlin on 37 and 60kg with more Dolphin Fish recorded. A lively time at dusk on the Mothership relayed great stories and early to bed also as it was only 1/2 day on Sunday and there were many contenders for the places to fill after the 12 noon Stop Fishing. So Far all but one Boat had Scored and there was lots of room both ways for categories to be filled.
Day Three :
At daybreak the Breeze had arrived as forecast and the surface lost its reflective glaze. The Boats headed out early and the Fishing was brisk with reflections of last year at times. Unfortunately some Boats suffered the worst mechanical problems forcing them to limp back inside and start their slow way Home, fishing as they came. Nothing was serious and others that had faired not as well, took off and made up for it. 2 Boats got all their Billfish fish on the last day.

The wrap for day 3 showed that for only a half day, there were 15 Black Marlin on 8kg and 2 more Sailfish on 8kg. One Black Marlin was called in at only .800mm and it was decided not to tag it ; just gently release it after a ‘fin sample’ ..fin samples were also taken from other specimens for very important research.

There was also a ” Tag Return “; that is a Black Marlin that had been tagged previously was caught ; the Tag streamer was removed and the Fish Retagged and Released.

These sort of occurrences always make a Tournament more interesting and meaningful.


There were 58 Black Marlin ; 4 Blue Marlin ; 5 Sailfish all Tagged and Released.

A Total of 203 Strikes : 149 Hookups : 77 Recorded  Fish of which ; There were Dolphin Fish T&R as well as 3 Specimens Weighed and I wahooweighed.
2 Cobia were boated along with other non-qualifying Fish.
A very respectable  Result to a well concepted Tournament with 3 sections available for “Salt Water Fly Fishing ” with its own points system,  or stay  “Inside” and fish for additional Species and varied points. Everyone chose to fish ” outside ” in perfect conditions.

We should also thank VMR 466 Hervey Bay and VMR488 Bunderberg for their assisstance and co-operation extended to everyone.

Best Wishes, Albert and Pauline