Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club’s Miss Marlin Female Tournament

Raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness & Research

  1. G.F.A.A. angling rules apply.
  2. Teams: Minimum2, Maximum 5 Anglers.
  3. Anglers must be a financial member of a club affiliated with Q.G.F.A. or G.F.A.A.:
  4. Line class is 8kg only
  5. Fishing times are as per program and will be signaled by game fish base.
  6. Tied scores: if two or more teams or anglers finish with equal points the angler or team reaching the score first will be deemed winner.
  7. Fish are considered captured/tagged at the times called in and recorded.
  8. Late hook-ups may be played out providing that game fish base is notified prior to stop fishing (see note re Sunday).
  9. Protests must be made in writing to the committee before 5.00 pm Sunday. The judge’s decision is final.
  10. Anglers must supply their own tags.
  11. Only NSW Fisheries “billfish only” tags are to be used on billfish. Use of any other tag will disqualify the catch.
  12. Weather: Any decision to cancel the tournament will be made by the committee.
  13. A strong wind warning will not necessarily stop the tournament. IN ALL CASES SKIPPERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR VESSELS AND CREWS.
  14. No lines are to be in the water prior to start fishing. This includes the catching of bait. Bait may be retained from the previous day.
  15. The committee will run random checks to ensure tackle meets GFAA rules.
  16. All vessels must have a representative attend the briefing or the entry will not be accepted.
  17. All anglers are to receive equal opportunity to fish. Anglers must change after each hookup, and these are to be called into game base to be recorded. The order in which anglers change will be the same as on their entry form.
  18. Crew or vessel changes during the tournament can only be made with the express approval of the committee.
  19. Tag cards are to be handed in before 5pm on Saturday to be counted towards the tournament


Light Tackle 8kg only.

Y/F Tuna500
Long Tail Tuna500
Other Tuna150
Dolphin Fish500
Spanish Mack500

Prize categories:

  • Miss Marlin Champion
  • Miss Marlin Junior Champion
  • Champion Team

Briefing 6-8pm Friday 18th October
Presentation Sat 19th October 6pm

Fishing Times:
Start fishing Saturday 19th October: 7am
Stop fishing Saturday 19th October: 3pm

Entries close Sunday 13th of October

Brad Rocke 0431611196
David Postan 0427988905