Tournament Rules

Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club Classic – Hervey Bay, Queensland

2023 Rules below

  1. G.F.A.A. angling rules apply.
  2. Teams: Minimum 2, Maximum 5 Anglers.
  3. In accordance with QGFA requirements all competitors Boat Skipper and assisting crew who are aiding in the event of catching a fish are required to be financial members of a QGFA or GFAA affiliated club. Angler fees include competing angler fees & RED levy.
  4. Fishing times are as per program and will be signaled by game fish base.
  5. Line classes and points as per score table for 8, 15, 24, 37 and 60kg.
  6. A category is available for those fishing “inside” only. Fishing must take place South of latitude 24. 22.000S. and West of longitude 153. 12.000W. Light tackle (8 Kg.) only. Points as per points table except billfish 2000 points & no daily limit on other species.
    Eligible for inside prize, first and last billfish prizes only.
  7. Record fish which are eligible for tag points may be weighed and tag points will be given. Fish which do not come within 10% of the record will receive half points.
  8. The first billfish caught each day must be called in after tagging.
  9. A maximum of three fish per angler or six fish per team per day other than billfish are to be recorded. No points will be awarded for dead fish unless weighed.
  10. Tied scores: if two or more teams or anglers finish with equal points the angler or team reaching the score first will be deemed winner.
  11. Fish are considered captured/tagged at the times called in and recorded.
  12. Late hook-ups may be played out providing that game fish base is notified prior to stop fishing (see note re Sunday).
  13. Protests must be made in writing to the committee before 5.00 pm Sunday. The judge’s decision is final. A Dispute Committee comprising members from a minimum of three clubs (where possible the tournament club and two other clubs should form any protest committee and if possible, the clubs forming the protest committee should not include a club that the protested or protestor are members of) will hear any protests provided they are submitted in writing in accordance with tournament rules for disputes. The committee’s decision will be final, and no further discussion will be entered into.
  14. For clarification “Boat Length” will be considered as the measured length of the boat in accordance with these QGFA guides and NOT the manufactures advertised boat length. Specified boat lengths will be measured from the transom where the motor or outdrive of the boat is bolted to the boat. Where the boat has a pod fitted, the transom of the pod where the motors are bolted will be counted in the boat length, to the forward most point of the boat, but will exclude any bowsprit or forward projecting anchor location as per the QGFA Guideline for determining boat length. Specified length to be determined by the Club Tournament committee and will be deemed to have been calculated in accordance with the QGFA Guidelines.
  15. Other fish species may be added to the points list if bad weather occurs.
  1. Anglers must supply their own tags.
  2. Only GFAA approved tags are to be used. Use of any other tag will disqualify the catch.
  3. Weather: Any decision to cancel the tournament will be made by the committee.
    A strong wind warning will not necessarily stop the tournament. IN ALL CASES SKIPPERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR VESSELS AND CREWS.
  4. All vessels must log on and off with Game Fish Base daily. This must include notification of intent to fish heavy or light tackle and if fishing inside. Changes from heavy to light or vice-versa must be notified to Game Fish base.
  5. All competing vessels must carry a VHF radio in good working order. All competing vessels must remain contactable at all times via radio or agreed alternative communication, by either Game Base or another vessel. Failure to maintain contact may result in team disqualification. A boat logging off from Game Base for the day (even before cease fishing) will be deemed as no longer fishing within the tournament for that day and thereby no longer be eligible to score points for fish caught after doing so. (This does in no way mean a boat may not log on with Marine Rescue Services for safety purposes).
  6. Radio scheds are 1015hrs, 1315hrs, and 1615hrs daily (No 1615 sched. Sunday). All captures must be reported to game fish base at the next sched. or points will not be awarded for said captures. If out of range scheds must be relayed through another vessel.
  7. Bar crossings. All Vessels are encouraged to log on with Marine Rescue Hervey Bay (VHF 22) to report bar crossings and overnight stays and log off on return to Urangan Harbour.
  8. No lines are to be in the water prior to start fishing. This includes the catching of bait. Bait may be retained from the previous day.
  9. The committee will run random checks to ensure tackle meets GFAA rules.
  10. All vessels must have a representative attend the briefing or the entry will not be accepted.
  11. All anglers are to receive equal opportunity to fish. Anglers must change after each hookup, and these are to be called into game base to be recorded. The order in which anglers change will be the same as on their entry form.
  12. Crew or vessel changes during the tournament can only be made with the express approval of the committee.
  13. All boats nominating to fish the tournament are required to have current boat insurance. Details of such insurance must be completed on the entry form supplied along with a photocopy of your insurance certificate. Should a boat not have insurance, nor be able to supply evidence of insurance and certificate prior to the commencement of the tournament, that boat shall be excluded from participating in the tournament. All onboard safety remains the responsibility of the owner / skipper.
  14. The tournament committee reserves the right at any stage of the competition to eject, disqualify or deduct points from individuals or teams who are deemed to have conducted themselves in a disrespectful manner and are deemed to have brought the sport of Gamefishing or the tournament into disrepute. In the event that an angler, or a team of anglers/crew/skipper are ejected no result or refund of fees will be entered into.

Thursday 9th Nov: 1100 Hrs. Briefing and Calcutta at Hervey Bay Boat Club (upstairs in Fraser Room)

Friday 10th Nov:
0800 Commence fishing
1600 Stop fishing
Saturday 11th Nov:
0700 Commence fishing
1600 Stop Fishing
Sunday 12th Nov:
0700 Commence fishing
1200 Stop Fishing.
1800 Presentation Dinner – Beach House Hotel (upstairs in function room). There will be a bus running from the Marina (Tasman Venture Loading Area) to the Beach House Hotel during the night.

Game Fish base to be notified if still fighting a fish after 1300hrs on Sunday. Must attend weigh in and hand in score sheets by 1700hrs.

Potential record fish may be weighed on Friday or Saturday by arrangement with game fish base.

Tag Cards and Score Sheets
Tag cards and score sheets for each day must be placed in the appropriate collection box on the mothership by 8.00pm both Friday and Saturday and handed to a club officer on the Tasman Venture mothership by 5.00pm Sunday. Failure to do so may result in the missing cards being excluded from scoring.

Prize categories
Champion Team 7.5m & over
Champion Team Under 7.5m
Champion Angler Heavy Tackle
Champion Angler Light Tackle
Champion Female Angler
Champion Junior Angler
First Bill Fish Tagged/Captured
Last Billfish Tagged/Captured
Champion Hervey Bay Club Angler
Insider prize – see rule 6.
Heaviest Wahoo
Heaviest Dolphin Fish
Heaviest Tuna (any species)
Fish weighed in these categories are not eligible for tag points unless meeting point 8 above.

Light Tackle 8kg only
Heavy Tackle 15, 24, 37, 60 kg to be fished in over 100m  depth only.

Line Class-kg815243760
Y/F Tuna500500500500500
Long Tail Tuna500250250250250
Other Tuna150100100100100
Dolphin Fish500250250250250
Spanish Mack500250250250250

The mothership will anchor in the Rooney’s Point – Sandy Cape area. The exact location will depend on weather conditions.
Mother-shipping must be paid by 5.00 pm on Friday 5th of November or availability is not guaranteed.

Late Entries
Entries not received and paid for by 5.00pm on 5th of November will attract a late fee of $100.00 per angler.

Fuel barge
A fuel barge will be available to refuel between 1600hrs and 1900hrs Friday only. All fuel must be ordered and paid for by 5.00 pm Friday 5th of November. Fuel prices will be Fraser Island prices (Diesel is $TBA per litre. Petrol is $ TBA per litre). Refueling location will depend on weather.

Chris Best 0431 967 538
Sarah Best 0407 137 584
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