21st Hervey Bay GARMIN Game Fishing Club Tournament

21st Annual Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club's Tournament

14th – 17th November 2019
Sponsored by GARMIN & Pakula Tackle Australia


The results from the 2019 Hervey Bay Game Fish Classic sponsored by GARMIN are as follows:

We had 26 boats enter the tournament which consisted of 85 anglers. There were 140 strikes, 108 hook ups and 70 fish which included 32 Blue marlin, 13 black marlin, 1 striped marlin, 11 mahi mahi, 1 wahoo, 4 yellowfin tuna & other species. 47 Billfish were tagged and 23 other species were tagged.

Champion Team 7.5m & over: All In
Champion Team Under 7.5m: Crafty Catch
Champion Heavy Tackle Angler: Adam Devlin
Champion Light Tackle Angler: Ken Radunz
Champion Female Angler: Sarah Best
Champion Junior Angler: Ben Massurit
Champion Hervey Bay GFC Angler: Ken Radunz
First Billfish Tagged (each day): Ken Radunz, Jake Lawson & Nathan Theuerkauf
Last Billfish Tagged (each day): Ryan Thomsen, Jo Mulders & Tony Irwin
Heaviest Wahoo: Phillip Kennedy (30.9kg)
Heaviest Tuna: Clinton Krahe (29.5kg)

Top 3 Boats:

1.) All in
2.) Crafty Catch
3.) Pheonix

Well done to all our winners and once again thank you to all our entrants and to all our wonderful sponsors. Photos will be put up as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone.

Sarah Best.
HBGFC Club Captain

Photos by Chris Best

Result Sheet 20th Annual Classic November 2018


20th Annual CLASSIC Game Fishing Tournament
15 – 18 November, 2018.


The Briefing was on a very eager pitch with everyone rearing to get out to once again, a promising perfect weather for Fishing either inside or outside. With the Formalities complete and all Goody Bags distributed and Calcutta done and dusted, the worrying news was that the Repeater at the top of Fraser Island was out and communications, critical in all Tournaments, was down and inoperable.

The Journey out to Cape Rodney was all GO for us to get the Finalised Teams on the pages and have all, ready for a Busy first day.

What a great relief when we heard Boats using the Repeater and all wondered if this was a ‘skip’ because it had not been used lately and probably would go down in strength…but this did not happen and we were able to use it, even a little scratchy, but it was there !!

The Weather was almost perfect and it was not long before Foreshore was calling in Hook ups and on almost every occasion it was a different species but also included Marlin and Sailfish as well. They were not alone of course as the other Teams in the 41 Boat Strong Fleet, took their turns in this Pristine Fishing Ground which covers ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the Great Sea Spit which has 4 main Bar Crossings to cross to get to the Outside area which also includes light tackle grounds. The Teams that chose to Fish inside were mainly in view of the Mothership Tasman Venture which is the base for Tackle Inspection, weighing of Other Species some convivial meeting up over a cool drink after fishing, Recreation and Dining. The Mother Ship makes this one of the Tournaments that stand out for overall comfort and Safety.

FRIDAY DAY 1. …and the CPUE sheet (collection of all statistics) tells it all 65 Strikes, 48 Hook ups and 34 Fish Recorded as 22 Blue Marlin 3 Black Marlin 1 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish – 27 Billfish in all and there were 10 other Species recorded that included 4 Mahimahi, 2 Wahoo a LT Tuna and 3 nq Tuna spp. Checking of Tackle complete, left some leisure time for the Anglers to ‘chew’ over the day with a cold one and get some rest in for day 2 ……..
Obviously everyone knew where they would get the best action and headed to their “area” to set the gear out when the call was made to Start Fishing! The Radio came alive and it was all go with Heavy tackle T&R’s as well as Light Tackle on the Bar and an occasional T&R on the Inside.

SATURDAY DAY 2….and the CPUE sheet confirms that it was a much Busier Day with 126 Strikes, 91 Hook ups and 51 Fish recorded, there were 12 Blue Marlin 5 Black Marlin and 2 Striped Marlin – 46 Billfish in all 41 other Species which included 12 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Wahoo 12 Mahimahi, a Cobia and a long tail Tuna and 5 nq Tuna spp. Day 1 was 40 Fish altogether and Day 2 now recorded as 92 Fish altogether. Day 2 has a one hour extra as we start earlier and the weather forecast was for a wind Shift and this in the afternoon brought on the Mahimahi and YF Tuna Bite. Checking of Tackle was complete and at least Dinner was over before the wind change hit and there were one o two that inadequate ground tackle and required assistance from the very capable and total competent Crew of Tasman Venture and showed how Emergencies can be handled swiftly and calmly with a voice being raised. It was after 10pm before the squall went through and time for a rest before the final day’s fishing of 4 hours before the Stop Fishing at Midday call.

SUNDAY DAY 3….and most Boats chose to stay and fish Light Tackle on the Inside because of the weather conditions and shorter day gave a good days fishing to what has been a great Tournament all round….but the Fish were here to play and some good catches resulted on everyone’s choice of where to fish and the CPUE revealed another active time in the 4 final hours…52 Strikes, 38 Hook ups and 15 Fish recorded that included 5 Black Marlin, a Wahoo 7 Mahimahi and 2 Spanish Mackeral.

So it reads like this for the overall CPUE…41 Boats with 151 Anglers that included 5 Lady Anglers and 4 Junior Men in ideal conditions had a Total of 243 Strikes, 177 Hook ups and 100 Recorded Fish being 34 Blue Marlin, 13 Black Marlin, 3 Striped Marlin and a Sailfish for 51 Billfish and 52 Other Species comprising 1 LT Tuna,5 Wahoo 1 Cobia, 12 YF Tuna, 23 Mahimahi and 8 NQ Tuna spp.

The FORESHORE SLAM stands at 6 mixed species of Skipjack Tuna, Sailfish, Black Marlin Trevally spp. Mahimahi and Spotted Mackeral all on the Great Sea Spit, for a Trophy to be set up as the BREAKSEA SPIT FORESHORE SLAM;

2018 Inaugural Winner Foreshore Captain, Brad Rocke.
Major Prize Categories went to +7.5M Pole Dancer, 26,500pts; -7.5M Paddy Fat, 13,500 pts;
Champion Heavy Tackle Angler, Daniel Barker 14,000 pts;
Champion Heavy Tackle Lady Angler, Sarah Best 4,000 pts;
Champion Light Tackle Angler, Emma Scholes 4,000 pts;
Champion Junior Angler, Ryan Thomson 8,000 pts;
Champion Hervey Bay GFC Angler, Trent Walno 8,250 pts;
INSIDER ONLY PRIZE, Luke Augutis 300 pts;
Heaviest YF Tuna Dale Penhall 35kg;
2nd Ryan McKinnon 32.5 kg and Biggest Wahoo, Peter Richardson 21.5 kg.

A really big effort to put this Tournament together without a Major Sponsor, but with lots of help from Club’s continuous Sponsors who stand tall as the Club’s stalwarts.

Club President, Brad Rocke and Secretary Shelly Jackson work Tirelessly together to bring a Tournament in this Region to fruition and they are keenly supported by Dave Postan and Daughter Sarah now Committee Member Chris Best’s Bride.

This is as good as Tournaments can be in an isolated region of the most unspoilt area yet to be found .. possibly why it will remain unspoilt because of its location and weather reliant conditions to reach the Pinnacle of Blue Marlin Fishing. Obviously Tasman Venture and Captain Lloyd and his Crew are to be thanked for the service it provides and their care taken to protect the Environment in the area. The Fuel Barge stands out as a necessity underappreciated as the most essential item on the Tournament List ……. Fuel, Ice and Water.

Pauline and I are proud to do what we can for this Tournament.

Top Scoring Boats

1Pole Dancer26,500
4Special K11,500
5Big Business10,250
7Reel Trouble9,000
8Phoenix on9,000
9Sea Eagle8,500
10All in8,250
12Beast Mode6,000
14Red or Black5,000
16Donkey Kong4,500
17Phoenix II4,000
20Chicken Little4,000
21Real Crazy3,500
22Deep Blue3,250
23Hard Time2,250
24Time Out500
25White Lightening450
26Reel Addiction250


Daniel Barber14,000
Channon Arbuthnot12,500
Trent Walno8,250
Ryan Thomson8,000
Sean Timmis6,250
Steven Bracken6,000
Justin Stayt5,500S
Todd Peters5,000
Graeme Swanson5,000
Luke Cameron5,000
Steven Sharago5,000
Steven Ritchie5,000
Jason Comino5,000
Craig Jones4,500
Terry Young4,000
Sam Baisden4,000
Sarah Best4,000
Dan Russell4,000
David Morton4,000
Peter Distal4,000
Paul Dawson4,000
Glen Harling4,000
David Dawson4,000
Emma Scholes4,000
Chris Thirkettle4,000
Nick Tull4,000
Dane Radosevic4,000
Adrian Wright4,000
Brandon Dietrick4,000
Thomas McCarthy4,000
Adrian Temmnick3,000
Bryan Rock2,650
Leanne Kalpus2,500
Greg Wilson2,000
Glen Radunz2,000
Peter Richardson2,000
Craig Scholes2,000
Brendon Blackburn2,000
Tony Wilson1,250
Brendon Postan1,000
Josh Saunders750
Glen Klein500
Shannon Zammit500
Ian Meads500
Warren Meads500
Brendon Power500
Andrew Dawson500
Jack Lawson250
Paul Wheeler250
Richie Clune250
Kyle Smith250
Dean Swift250
Carl Sheppard250
Logan Cummings250
Patrick Knight250
Cameron Tre250
Ben Kelley250
Dominic Beer250
Jo Mulders250
Jo Cumina150

Tournament Results 2017 Classic Game Fishing Tournament

19th Annual Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club’s Tournament

16th – 19th November, 2017


As usual the Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club’s Committee worked very hard in securing a Tournament Base with facilities to enhance the Bay’s reputation for Hosting excellent sporting events in pristine surroundings. They decided to Honour Albert and Pauline Threadingham for their untiring efforts on behalf of the Club by dedicating this Tournament to them.

The Briefing included notable personnel from Marine Rescue Hervey Bay, Fish and Fauna on speed limits in the Turtle protection zones, Reef fin fish spawning season and no take season and even the Police showed their welcome presence and were on patrol in the Tournament Anchorage area.

Add to that the enormity of staging the actual event with a Base at Rooneys Point in one of the most pristine of all areas along our coast in Queensland, where the Teams are comfortably and easily brought to the most accommodating “Mothership” for food and accommodation; if you are fortunate enough to get more than deck space to sleep on!

I’ve never seen anyone unhappy with anything and that includes the Crew! The only unhappy person ever seen is the bloke that announces to the Angler that his gear doesn’t comply. It must be boring to listen to how the Leader or double line can’t be longer than their maximum allowable length within the maximum combined maximum length…
39 Teams decided to Enter and on Day One it was established that 2 Teams were happy to use light tackle of 8 kg only and fish in the “Inside” Tournament Zone while the other 37 Teams fished a combination of Tackle categories from 15, 24, 37 and 60 Kg in the “Outside” Tournament Zone and were also free to use light tackle of 8 kg until the depth reaches 100 meters.

Very exciting and to use the Heavy Tackle, all Boats had to cross the Great Sandy Cape Bar in several available locations by registering with VMR466 Marine Rescue Hervey Bay on VHF channel # 22 to cross East/ West and West/ East on each occasion and what a great service they provided to every Boat assisted by a schedule of each Tournament Boat’s details provided by the Club. They are really thorough and professional.

DAY 1 The Radio resounded over each Boats speaker and it was now OFFICIALLY ON!!!! …and it wasn’t long before the reports of Strikes and Hook ups and Fish Tagged and Released!

Reports kept flooding in and by end of first days fishing it was evident that some kind of Blue Marlin record catch was in the air … 128 strikes and 89 hookups with 46 fish that included 16 Blue Marlin, 8 black Marlin and 1 Striped Marlin ahead of 21 mixed ‘other Species’ that included Yellowfin and other Tuna, Wahoo Cobia, Mahimahi and Spanish Mackeral. Very Excited Anglers shouting one another after another exotic sunset with game Boats punctuating the Beauty of the surroundings.

Day 2 was another even more productive day after everyone was more aware of the behaviour of these Blue Marlin. Lots of strikes resulted in either the same fish or others in the group making a quick second strike! This was the day that many Anglers got their first Tag and Release of a Blue Marlin and those that didn’t still had the memory of what they saw firmly imprinted on their Sunglasses!

Look at this result from 37 Boats! 139 Strikes, 113 hook ups and 62 Fish… they really found them and what line they were travelling on!! 37 Blue Marlin ( one per Boat ! ) 2 Black Marlin, 1 striped marlin and 22 other Species that included Yellowfin and other Tuna, Wahoo that included Wahoo in the 30 kg category and Cobia in the same range, Mahimahi and Spanish Mackeral. There was obviously a lot to shout about, a bit of rain during gear checks but nothing to dampen the spirits for the few hours left for the last day with 5 hours Fishing left! That is why we came and this will take it down to the wire! most of the boats decided to fish the ‘shallows’ for Black Marlin on the Sunday and get back to the Harbour.

Those that elected to look where they left off, did well with the Blues as well. One Boat that was in contention hooked a big Blue Marlin and spent a fair amount of time with her. The Score for the last day 48 Strikes, 44 Hookups, and 32 Fish consisting of 16 Blue Marlin, 5 Black Marlin and 1 Striped Marlin and 10 other Species which included Tuna, Mahimahi, Spanish and other mackeral.

Now we can look at the TOURNAMENT CPUE 39 Boats: 315 Strikes, 246 Hookups and 140 Fish ! there were 69 Blue Marlin, 15 Black Marlin and 3 Striped Marlin and 53 other species which included Wahoo and Cobia over 30 kg and Mahimahi to 8 kg. Everyone had a great time and only Jimmy could collapse his Chair!

A huge thank you to you Brad and your Committee and we all hope you will find a venue to cater for the influx of teams that the Results of this Tournament will surely bring !!! you may need the Super Bowl!!

Pauline and I are very thankful of being able to assist the Club once again and look forward to being of assistance in the future. Albert and Pauline.